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The Coffee

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The seed found in the fruit of a coffee tree and the drink obtained from it after the entire agricultural and industrial process are known as coffee.

Coffee or Coffea, is a plant classified within the great Rubiaceae family, of which many varieties are known, but the best known are...


Origin : Ethiopia


The coffee prepared with the coffea arabica species is: ​


• Softer

• More aromatic

• Sweet

• Less bitter

• Caffeine Content: 0.8% to 1.5%


The Coffea arabica variety grows well in areas between 600 and 2,200 meters above sea level.


•60% of world production  


Origin : Uganda


The coffee prepared with the coffea robusta species is: ​



•More bitter

•Strong body

•Not sweet

•Caffeine Content: 1.7% to 3.5% ​


The Coffea canephora or robusta variety is grown in areas up to 600m above sea level.


•35% of world production

In Colombia, Arabica variety coffees are grown, among which we have:

Bourbon Rojo, Bourbon Amarillo, Bourbon Rosado, Tipica, Caturra, Colombia,  Castillo, Catimor, Tabi,  Margogype, Gesha

To get a good cup of coffee requires a lot of discipline, immense love and permanent care at every step.                   

We are to show you some parts of the process...



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Ripe Grains

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Coffee benefit process


Removing coffee pulp



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Threshing and roasting

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dry parchment coffee
1 Carga  =  125Kg

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Green coffee

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Roasted Coffee

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